An attempt to write a novel


“Aina, wait!”

            It is the last word that Aina heard from Jarron. No turning back, no regrets, nothing at all.

Six years and she had not heard from him. No text, no call, total zero communications. The pain is unbearable, not enough explanations that can pacify her for causing her so much pain.

And now she is back, back in her grandfather’s land. The place is still beautiful. The amazing freshness of the air touches her soft white skin. She enjoys every air that gets in her breath. She climbs trees, swim in the river and play with her friends.


“What the hell?” she mumbled.

Aina, immediately step the break so hard and make an abrupt halt. Someone crosses the road and she might run over it. She immediately gets out and inspects who the hell she had run into?

“Ugh…” mourn by the boy.

“God! How are you? Are you okay? Who are you? Why did you cross the street?” Ask Aina continuously not giving the boy a chance to speak.

“Don’t ask question! Miss, bring him to the hospital!” shouted by the bystanders who witness the incidents.

Immediately, people near the incident come forward and help the boy get in her car. She was so nervous, so careless not to see someone crosses the street. The boy look so pale and so many bloods shed down his face.

“Come now, Miss. We will take care of the patient,” said the doctor.

“Miss, we are here to ask you questions on the incidents. Can we invite you to the police precinct”, said the police officer.

“Can I just call my Grandpa so that they will know that I am here.” Aina replied.

“Okay, but you have to be in the precinct because we will impound your vehicle for driving recklessly”, explain the police officer. She nods and followed the officer.

“Hello. Popsy, can you fetch me here in the police precinct,” very sad and very nervous she speak to him.

“Miss, do you know the victim?” ask the officer.

“No, I didn’t see him crossing the street.” She replied.

“But the damage is already done, Miss. We already contacted the family of the child.” Inform the officer.

“May I know who the name of the child sir? I am willing to pay whatever it cost me, I hope he was given all medical attention.” She sobs.

“Oh, the family will be here in a few minutes. They will be the one to decide if you will be filed with a complaint. As of now, we will wait for them.”

She just nods. She was so afraid and so nervous. What if the family will not do amicable settlement? What if they just want me jailed? God? What a useless summer vacation. It is so bad luck! From the start and now, here I am.

“Who’s the idiot? Reckless and moron driver who run into my son? No one will escape from me!” loudly, the family member of the boy said.

Aina become more afraid. Popsy, where are you? She exclaimed silently.

“Sir, calm down. Your son is okay and he only got minor bruises. He was attended by the doctor now.” Pacify the officer to the father of the boy.

“And where is that idiot! Because I will make sure that he will pay for this,” Asked the man.

“Come sir, she was in the office,” Said the officer.

“She is willing to pay everything sir”, inform the police officer.

“I want her jailed! So that she can never harm another.” He exclaimed.

As the door open, Aina look so tense and become stunned. She is speechless, as she saw the father of the boy that she had hit a while ago.

“YOU?” they both shouted.

Oh God. The least person that Aina would not want to see during her vacation is the person she first meets right now. And she has a big problem because the person she is looking right now is not the person she known six years ago.

Jarron is no longer the skinny, cute, little boy she had known before. What she is seeing right now is a grown man with six packs abs and very handsome. He grows so tall. Her heart start pounding, don’t know how to calm it.

“So it’s you, that reckless driver who bump my child. How dare you hurt my son! How dare you hurt me again?” he shouted.

Aina become mum. No words have come out from her mouth. Suddenly, she was lost of words, and tears keeps falling from her eyes.


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