Mary Jane Veloso and Family are ungrateful to the head of the state

“We’ve returned home to the Philippines for payback… This is not about money. The government owes us because they tricked us,” 55-year-old Celia Veloso, wearing a “Save Mary Jane” shirt, told reporters.

How could the government trick them? TUBAG! is this the family I prayed for miracle? No, they are not WORTH of my PRAYERS, they are full of hatred and they don’t know how to thank all the people who help them.

IS THE PRESIDENT of the Philippines trick them? How could they say that? I HOPE that before they accuse someone they should also know whaT THE president do to them.

JUST ASKING THE President of Indonesia is PURE HUMILITY and PAGPAPAKAAWA made by our President just to SPARE the Life of MARY JANE VELOSO.

How many times does President Pnoy ask for CLEMANCY? not just once but four times since 2011.

IS IT BROADCAST BY THE MEDIA? no! because the president work not to brag himself but to make it happen!

SO TO THE VELOSO FAMILY! I withdraw my 1 prayer that help your child have a miracle to happen!


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