Lost and found!

It has been months that I was not able to write in my blog site. To be specific it is three months ago that my last blog is posted here.

The fact that i forgot my password and I lost my will to write in those time. It is like I lost my mind. There is nothing that I could write. No words will come out, no flowery stories that I could think of.

I ask myself, Why? Am I deteriorating?

It is a big NO……NO. I just purposely ignore to write because I want my brain to rest as well as my body. Aside from that those months fall in summer time. I have a lot of physical activities that I enjoyed much during summer.

I now found my wordy pen to tell and bare all.

First is our trip to Rizal, Manila, Philippines.  Attending the wedding of my 73 years old Aunt.


We are very grateful for Aunt Fe for inviting us to witness her second wedding to her beau, Uncle Ramon. Thank you for the all expenses paid trip and vacation. We love the food, the gowns, the rides, and the pool in your condo unit.


Your wedding is a fairy tale. Wishing I could also walked in those aisle and had a honeymoon in Boracay.


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